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SOURCE DU PAYS is a company specialized in the production and commercialization of non-carbonated beverages, soft drinks, energy drinks and natural mineral water Supermmont. Source du Pays S.A. has made the safety, health and hygiene one of its main values: Safety and hygiene products, consumer safety and hygiene, staff safety.

The limited company SOURCE DU PAYS as a corporate citizen participates in the daily well being of the general public and staff through various fields: Sport, art and culture, health and safety.


The products marketed by the company Source du Pays on the Cameroonian market are superior qualities of products including a range of non-carbonated soft drinks and a range of energy drinks and natural mineral water Supermont.


Since 2011, you receive PLANET in your families, your schools, in your hearts. For us, the number 1 is you. Today, PLANET thanks you and carries out its commitment to you, through its social program focused on health, sport and the environment, as well as the quality of its products available to you. Thus, we are committed to protecting those who are dear to you and to innovating to always offer you the best.
Because you are the source of our success, PLANET is committed to remain the source of your well-being.
Planet Social Program, Grow with you.


Bubble Up Bitter Lemon 100 years

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