Bubble UP Soft Drinks®

BUBBLE UP is a range of soft drinks developed by MONARCH BEVERAGE COMPANY, it is bottled and distributed in Cameroon by SOURCE DU PAYS SA

Made with Natural Mineral Water SUPERMONT, BUBBLE UP® brand is one of the first lemon-lime soda introduced in the United States since 1919, today it is marketed in several continents around the world.

It is commercially available in several flavors.

Available Flavors:

  • Lemon-lime (Bubble UP Lemon-lime)
  • Bitter Lemon (Bubble UP Bitter Lemon)
  • Tonic (Bubble Up Tonic)

Packaging available

The carbonated soft drinks brand BUBBLE UP is available in differents formats that are 35CL and 1,25L (GÉANT).

Boisson gazeuse Bubble UP

Countries where distributed:

Bangladesh GabonMaliSyria
Central African Rep. IrelandNigerUSA
Congo Ivory Coast PakistanGhana
Equatorial GuineaKenyaRwanda

Bubble Up Lemon Lime celebrates 100 Years in 2019