Soft drinks PLANET®

PLANET is a range of carbonated soft drinks developed by MONARCH BEVERAGE COMPANY, It is bottled and distributed in Cameroon by SOURCE DU PAYS S.A.

PLANET soft drinks are made with Supermont natural mineral water and accompany you in all the events of your life. Let’s enjoy every second of life and enter the PLANET world. A fun world, simply original, “PLANET, A World of Tastes“. PLANET is a brand of soft drinks available in several countries around the world.

Packaging available

The bottles of PLANET are available on the market in several packaging and in several formats such as 350ML and 1,25L (GEANT).

Sampling of Available Flavors:

  • PLANET Ananas
  • PLANET Cocktail
  • PLANET Apple
  • PLANET Grenadine
  • PLANET Grapefruit
  • PLANET Orange

Countries where distributed:

Cameroon GuineaMauritania
Central African Rep. Ivory CoastNiger
GhanaCongo Kenya
PakistanSenegalEquatorial Guinea
Kosovo RwandaGabon
Malaysia South Africa