American Cola ®

American Cola soft drinks are a range of soft drinks developed by MONARCH BEVERAGE COMPANY, it is bottled and distributed in Cameroon by SOURCE DU PAYS S.A.

During its 30-year history, the American brand American Cola® went from a cola superior to many highly personalized flavors. Made with Supermont natural mineral water, American Cola soft drinks are an explosion of taste, a unique blend, a sparkling recipe for moments of intense pleasure. Sharing the spirit of American Cola means experiencing unique emotions and sensations.

The only constant was that the drinks Américan Cola offer great taste and superior value to consumers.

American Cola product is marketed in Cameroon by Source du Pays S.A. in two flavors namely :

  • American Cola Regular
  • American Cola Zero
Boisson gazeuse American Cola

packaging available

The American soft drink Cola is available on the Cameroonian market in the 35CL and 1,25L (GÉANT) format.

Countries where distributed:

Angola Equatorial Guinea Kenya Niger
BurundiGabon KosovoRwanda
CameroonGuineaMali Uganda
Central African RepIndiaMauritania
Congo Ivory CoastMongolia