Natural Mineral Water Supermont

Supermont is a natural mineral water from groundwater, captured at 800 meters altitude slopes of Mount Cameroon. No chemical disinfection treatment nor any addition of chemical storage molecule disrupt its 100% natural composition. It is bottled and distributed in Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal.

Supermont is a natural mineral water, pure, light, digestible. It is characterized by its original purity, its composition perfectly stable and guaranteed in minerals.

Supermont Natural Mineral Water is based on a range of products offered by SOURCE DU PAYS S.A.

Packages available

Natural mineral water Supermont is available on the market in 30Cl; 33Cl; 0,5L; 1L; 1,5 L; 5L; 10L formats


Did you known

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